How to forward a domain with Namecheap to another Website?

How to Forward a Domain With NameCheap

Many a time, we buy quite a few domains because of some idea that we have in our mind, to be worked upon later. Sometimes, these domains sit idle for years. Ideally, all our domains should lead to some sort of webpage. But since web hosting isn’t necessarily as cheap as the domains themselves, not all domains have their web-hosting, unless they are being actively used. One good thing, however, that can be done is to forward a domain to one of our websites that is already live.

Someone recently asked me to help them redirect one of their domains on to their company website. I decided to make a quick post out of the situation as I have been asked, how to redirect a domain to another website, more than once. In this case, both the domains were hosted on but the process is the same for almost any other shared web hosting.

Forward one domain to another website

The process is a very short and simple but important one. One wrong step and the domain will not redirect properly. Let’s see how I did it:

  • Login to your account and then navigate to your domain list.
List of domains on namecheap
  • Click the home icon next to the domain you want to redirect. On the sub-menu that pops up, click on Advanced DNS.
Update Advanced DNS settings for the domain you want to forward
  • On the next screen that comes up, make sure the Choose DNS Template is selected. Then, down below, click on the A-record. It will turn into a drop-down. Scroll towards the bottom and choose the URL Redirect Record option. In the Host field, enter ‘@’ and on the value field, enter the URL of the website you want to redirect this domain to.
Set URL Redirect Record to the website for redirection
  • Save the record and you are done.

The changes might take a while to reflect but there are no further steps to be taken.

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