Freelance Web Developer and Web Designer in India

About Rajiv Verma - Website and Mobile Application developer in India

Freelance Web Design and Development India

Freelance web developer in India with 15+ years’ experience.

I am a freelance full stack web designer & web developer and planned & executed a diverse range of web solutions in the form of result-oriendred websites, stores, booking platforms and online education systems to name a few.

I have worked with clients spread across the world, many of whom have worked with me for multiple projects over many years at a stretch.

Android and iPhone Application Development India

Freelance mobile application developer India.

I am an expert freelance mobile application developer for both Android and iPhone platforms.

I specialize in eCommerce mobile application, food delivery app, ride-sharing mobile applications , etc. among other things.

Having worked with clients across different industries, I have great knowledge how different types of businesses work. This gives me a great edge to understand the business problem and solve it rather than just creating a website or mobile application.

Freelance Web Developer india

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